Error 404, The Requested Project Does Not Exist

there is tbl_user in phpMyAdmin;

gii ‘Model generator’ successfully created model class ‘Issue’ from table tbl_issue;

gii ‘Crud generator’ successfully generated controler and views for this model class;

i can see all files and folders generated;

but when i visit url:



i see "

Error 404, the requested project does not exist


I am redirected to the same error when i press link in the gii message

"The controller has been generated successfully. You may try it now. "

I also tried to generate other models from tables.

I can see generated model and CRUD operations visiting url


I can not see only ‘issue’. Where can be a mistake?

Do not know where was a mistake. I deleted the project and recreated from the beginning. Everything works.

May be model and CRUD not generated in fine way.