Error 403 Yii Rights Extension


I was install rights module in fresh project yii, that i do the login from the database.

All things for the super Admin working fine and no limit in authorization.

But for the other user, when i extend my controller from


, and i was added the filter function :

public function filters() {

        return array(




i can’t access to any action since i was assigned to the user in the admin panel rights module.

What’s wrong? please help…

did you find the awnser, stuck 3 days and nosolution. Please…

If you’ve been stuck for 3 days, stop using Yii Rights. Move on.

Thank u for your advice. Had you ever used this module?

Look, dude: I couldn’t care less that you have problems with Yii Rights.

I do have problem with you, though, because you are bumping topics without reason, and post in multiple topics.

Relax. You are not entitled to get help.

The least you can do is research, add details to your post, and put effort into making it easier to help you.

ok,my problem was with the id of the user…