Erroneous Css File

Hi Yii forum members,

When I visit one of my pages I am getting

"NetworkError: 404 CHttpException - http://localhost/project/index.php/site/false"

in firebug every time this page loads.

Then I view my source and it has this in head:

 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="false" media="screen" />

I have taken away all registers for my css and it still shows. Have anyone ever gotten this? Or to anyone know where this may be coming from…please help. Thanks

Hi inProcess,

Probably you are setting some css property of some widget with a string of ‘false’ rather than a boolean value of false. For example, CGridView::cssFile property.

Thanks softark!!

That is exactly what was going on.

  <?php $this->widget('CTabView', array(


I needed to remove the quotes from false on cssFile. When removed it doesn’t happen…

  <?php $this->widget('CTabView', array(