ERP based on Yii

Hi there

I and my team create ERP application based on Yii, please try this at, it is version 0.1

username: romy, pass: demo

thank you.

bos mau jd sukarelawan bos nih membantu jdi open di google aza bos, dikembangkan rame…tar kalau selesai bisa kita gunakan bareng2n

The server response is as fast as snail.

Very very slow server resonse time, so I quit checking it after I opened second page

Thanks for your response. I’m sorry about that, the problem because the server bandwith, please try again.

I’ve changed domain to and hosting at USA Server. Please trial it, thanks

Some of my opinion about your app:

Great initiative to start an ERP app using Yii Framework. It’s will be easier for use to customize it if we want to use it. Because we already understand the concept of Yii.

  • You should hire an UI designers if you want people use your web application. For example it’s weird if you put a login menu in dropdown menu. There is a reason why Facebook & Twitter put login menu on the right top of page. Because people will try to looking on that place first for login menu before trying to see on other place. But why you hide it on dropdown menu. A bad UI will throw away your users before they actually use it.
  • Don’t use a “Faceebook bar” it’s annoying actually. Most people hate it if your application doesn’t have a realtime feature like chat. It’s better using notification bar.

Anyway… good job. Hope it will finish soon. So we have an ERP application based on Yii. :)

Please don’t use Bahasa Indonesia outside our Indonesian forum. :)

Nice work!

P.s.: there are buttons without any text at form dialogs

congrats :rolleyes: ! as tyohan said you should hire a UI designer、any way we know yii can develop ERP , cheers! :D

Cool, you can make ERP based on Yii, a bit review from me:

  • I don’t understand what the purpose of the textfield and ‘Submit’ button at the bar, when I click the button without fill anything in the textfield it redirect to absstatus view. But when I fill it with any text, it’s going messy

  • why don’t beautify the url, it’s still using index.php?r=…

  • agree with tyohan n yiqing95, need UI designer to make it looks better

Great job :D


I’m also developing kind of an erp-system, but with a special focus on rental companies… so thank you for sharing a demo for your application! gives me a nice impression on how you implement functions!

Go on with your good work!

Regards Phil

Great Work!!

How do you done the database management for multiple users?

How much is the ERP system getting lagged down when multiple users are stressing it.

I think its a pretty neat process. As like most systems it will take time and effort. Let me know when your next version is out. I’m intrigued now. Navy ERP

Is there any special reason to replace drop down list with a popup in Form?

For short list like Sex, radio button would save you a click

For long list like city, it would save you from few Ajax requests

i checked your project, you probably put much effort in this project. But like other people said, you definitively need to make it more user friendly, and to improve design.

Thanks siskalandre for sharing this demo with us. There has been put an incredible lot of time in producing such an application. It all has the same look and feel so it has been build with the same vision from the start (at least that is my deduction). Wether you like the design or not, it all comes down with a demo to: look at what is possible, learn what you like and what not, draw your conclusions how you would have prepared such a system.


It currently throws a CDbException : CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘msadev’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)


A few words … Good idea, nice work.

But is OpenSource or not?

I don’t found the code or any link to download the aplication.

Regards! :)

very interesting!