Enum + AR

Hi there,

I am experiencing something weird with Yii.

Lets say I have an enum field in the DB with the following:

		country	enum('Quebec','Haiti','St Barthelemy','St Martin','St Pierre et Miquelon','Guadeloupe','French Guiana','Martinique','Mayotte','New Caledonia','French Polynesia','Réunion','Seychelles','Vanuatu','Wallis and Futuna','Benin','Burkina Faso','Burundi','Cameroon','Central African Republic','Congo-Brazzaville','Democratic Republic of the Congo','Ivory Coast','Djibouti','Gabon','Guinea','Madagascar','Mali','Mauritania','Niger','Rwanda','Senegal','Tchad','Togo')

In a form I am populating this fied with a select as follow:

<select style="width:240px" name="Blog[country]" id="Blog_country">

<option value="Burkina Faso">Burkina Faso</option>

<option value="Burundi">Burundi</option>

<option value="Benin">Bénin</option>

<option value="Cameroon">Cameroun</option>

<option value="Congo-Brazzaville">Congo-Brazzaville</option>



And when I try to grab the post data like that:

$model->attributes = $_POST['Blog'];

The $model->country is always equal to the first enum entry (Quebec here).

I displayed POST values and they are correct.

Even more strange I have the right values when I do:

$model->country = $_POST['Blog']['country'];

Am I doing something wrong here?