Entering mathematical formulas in YII2 with text zone

Hello everyone!! I am developing a web application and in this I have to integrate a functionality based on mathematics. So dear friends I will want to know how to integrate either an extension if it exists or a module of writing mathematical formulas easily and stiffly into a text box. If you please help me this function I do not know how I will dvlper it Coordially

Writing, I guess, should be done with some kind of markup language like the one used in Mathematica or MatLab. Displaying is either MathML or https://www.mathjax.org/.


thank you i’m going to test it.

If you like it is possible that you also give me information about the physical and chimical formulas?because i have impression that this MathMl use or have only mathematics formulas

As far as I know, there’s nothing specific about physics in terms of formulas used. They’re same as in mathematics.

Chemical equations have some quirks about oxidation numbers but that could be solved with CSS: http://www.periodni.com/mathematical_and_chemical_equations_on_web.html. Not sure about a good way to enter them. I’ve learned chemistry using pen and paper :)