Enhancing the looks of yii project

I have learnt Yii to up to good extent and it is fun to work with yii now, i have developed a project using Yii. I want to enhance the looks and design of the project i.e CSS and layout. For this i have to use custom CSS. But i don’t understand what is the best way for this, because the HTML generated by Yii (e.g CGridveiw etc )classes is having CSS class names and div ID’s of its own, do i need to find class names one by one?

Also let me know weather we should customize our css and layout part before starting a yii project (i.e after creating the skeleton app by yiic) or we should first complete the project with existing looks and then modify the design part?

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Any one please reply.

I think so.

The way you prefer. I’d choose the second way so I already have a complete site to work with.

you can use themes its easy to apply in your code. No modification require

There is a 100% possibilities to do any customization regarding a CSS and Design within Yii.Just go this linkand i guess it will help you a lot.;)