End Of Maintenance Y1.1.x


It say’s in the download area for Y1.1.x "End of Maintenance Dec 31, 2015 (may be extended further if needed) "

does it just mean that bugs will not be fixed after 31.Dec.2015 but any critical security updates

will still be released?

Also if in future versions of PHP say in 2016 some functions or syntax are deprecated will there be udpates to

Yii 1.1.x to phase out any functions / syntax in PHP or is that something we are supposed to be doing ourselves?

I remember a comment by samdark that essentially read like Yii 1.1 could end up maintained by the community once 2.0 is released. No idea if that’s still the plan, though.

The official announcement is this:


Yii 1.1 has to support PHP 5.1 … so it will not be updated for the future versions of PHP.

on the download page it says “PHP 5.1.0 or above” which I think means it’s supporting future upgrades

of PHP?

so for example when php 5.9 is released in say 2018 will Yii 1.1.x still work on it ?

I think it depends on the backward compatibility of the new version to PHP 5.1.

I hope 5.x will be BC to 5.1, and Yii 1.1.x will successfully run on it.

Some things are routiniously broken by feature-level upgrades of PHP. I recently had to fix an app that ran fine on 5.3 but ceased to function on 5.4. As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been anything in the UPGRADING file that would affect Yii 1.1, though.

I see. So there are 2 different levels of BC: Yii 1.1.x and our applications.