End of Life of yii 1.1

As end of life for yii 1.1 is determined to be 2021/12/31 what is to be expected after that date? Will apps developed in yii 1.1.x stop working after that date? Will apps fail in anyway?

It means that there will be no more releases with security and PHP compatibility fixes. So existing app will work as before, it may be only a problem if you want to upgrade your environment - Yii 1.1 may not be compatible with future PHP versions (like PHP 9).

But to be honest, I suspect that 2021/12/31 is not a final date and it will be extended again. There is too many apps created with Yii 1.1 that will not be upgraded to newer version, since it essentially means almost complete rewrite. It is easier to patch framework at this point, than rewrite a large app.

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Dear rob006

Many thanks for your answer.

It was a very good guideline for me.