Encrypt Controller Code Yii

[b] Hi

I am using shared hosting and I programmed system to company , but it’s now stolen and I noted it on

another web site , because Hosting root give all my code to another company .

1- How to secure my code ?

2- If I used program like source cup , my code will be lazy ?


3- what is the best solution for my status

Thanks in advance


Source cop only obfuscates the source. If someone wants to steal your source, you can not prevent this with source cop.

Possible solutions:

  1. You could use Zend Guard, but this requires the hoster to install additional software on the server.

  2. You could also agree on clear licenses with your customers and take legal action when the agreement is breached by the customer.

  3. Host the code on your own server, or run large parts on your own server and make it available with an API.

Thank you , but relay I think in some extinction do that .

is that possible ?

As far as I know it is not possible to encrypt PHP code with native PHP, you need a server module for this.

Correct me If I am wrong!

you could use something like that…


My friend i.amniels , you don’t need any extra plugin in source cop .

I used it before on plain php not with yii and worked also on shared hosting .