And so when the enableCsrfValidation Yii gives us a Cookie.

Next, fill the form and get results.

Next, remove the Cookie, and again fill the form and send data to the server and get the result.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getScriptFile () on a non-object in C:  xampp  htdocs  lanulas_yii  framework  web  CThemeManager.php on line 95

[/ code]

if you set in config 'theme' => null then all works fine, but if you like to 'theme' => 'classic' is a mistake.


Plus one more XHTML validation error (if we have multiple forms on page):

Warning: <input> anchor "YII_CSRF_TOKEN" already defined


Do you have an example to reproduce this issue?

@vamp: could you please create a ticket about the duplicated YII_CSRF_TOKEN id? Thanks.

I found the bug (the PHP error). Thanks. It is fixed in SVN.