i need help i am using EMultiSelect extention of yii.

it’s doing job well but i want to get selected item id, I am trying to do with ajax

	 echo $form->labelEx($model,'pub_id'); 

            echo $form->dropDownList($model,'pub_id', CHtml::listData(KicPublications::model()->findAll(),

			'publication_id', 'publication_title'),array('multiple'=>'multiple',

	'ajax' => array(

‘type’=>‘POST’, //request type



//‘data’=>‘js:javascript statement’

//leave out the data key to pass all form values through

),‘key’=>‘publication_id’,‘class’=>‘multiselect’,‘encode’ => false));

when I double click the item it pass data to method multiselected at once, on other clicks pass empty data to that function…

how can I get the multi selected items id’s :frowning:

using “View page source”, you should be able to see the selected “publication_id” in an array() like ‘pub_id[]’.