Emergency Help - Yii application Migration Error (From VPS to Shared Host)

Dear All Active Users , Please Help Me

We have developed a REST Client in yii framework for our admin Side.

our previous server was a VPS , now we migrated our application to a shared host.

all our applications are working very well

our rest app ( in phalcon ) is OK

our user side app ( which is a rest client ) is OK

our admin side app which is a rest client in yii 2.0, has got problems.

(note : in our vps , we had composer but in shared host, we don’t have it )

so we copy the vendor folder to our yii admin app directory ,the ui rendered , we can also login to admin app ( so our rest is sound to be ok ) but we cant do anything in our admin app we always get this error (see the attachment)

for example when we click to see users list we get errors , the error is always the same.

please see the attachment (screen shot)

what should I do , is it because of composer? we just copy the vendor folder to our new shared host ,

is there any change that we should do , the login and authentication is working good…but others not !

please help me

You missed the attachment, I guess you can’t attach file until you done some posts.

If is a text error message cut and paste in the meanwhile.