Embedded JS (AngularJS) Framework

Are there any JS FW included in YII 2.0?

Cause now a days everyone talk a lot about SEO, and YII has the bad costume to put JS in middle of the HTML…

why dont use AngularJS?



There’s a lot of happening in the JS MVC world… backbone, spine, ember, etc. I don’t think these things should be in the core.

I would like the embedded JS framework to be pluggable or interchangeable with your own JS files.

For example, if I wish to use my own jQuery libraries (version upgrades, bugfixes, my own modifications) instead of the framework’s core JS files.

What’s wrong with using the clientScript object to embed your own versions of JS files?

Regarding versions, each new Yii release always includes the latest stable jQuery and jQuery UI versions, the developers always take care of updating them.

It’s already feasible. Just put ‘scriptMap’=>false for any script / css file you don’t like, and include the files you want. You can even handle them in a parallel assets folder.

there’s already been talk about moving the core JS into a package so it can be updated independently of yii.

Ah, yes, this is very good news. Thank you.