Embed Swf Animation (Should Be Simple)


I am in the process of converting my web site to Yii coming from ASP.net. have done a few other sites with Yii so i am comfortable (read not an expert, but not new).

Strange issue with a flash animation that I have used for years on other projects.

It is a simple 3d rotating carousel

In static HTML and ASP it displays fine, but when I try to use Yii it will not display. I know someone out there will say this is not a Yii problem but rather a HTML path issue and thats fine, but I simply cant get this thing to work with Yii:

The path to index is /var/www/voidrealms/ the animation is in /var/www/voidrealms/images

using just a simple embed tag (I would post the exact code but the forum wont let me…)

I have tried:





src="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl . '/images/'; ?>preview.swf"

What really has me stumped is the images for the flash animation are in the same folder and display perfectly on any page.

Thanks for any help!

bump - anyone?

you can use flexwidget its class reference founds here