Email Subscription So That When The Website Is Officially Launched Then We Will Inform You

Hi, I am new to Yii.

I am currently working on a yii project. I have set the new members/users registration section. But now I want that before we launch the website officially. I want to create a user subscription section, in which a user can enter their email and subscribe, so that when we officially launch the site, then we will send an email so that they can then register. and one thing more and the email through which they will subscribe should be saved in the member table.

Here is a sample site link. I want just like this.

If anyone of you have solution for this problem, then plz share with as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot in advanceā€¦

Naveed, you have posted this exact same email in the Tips, Snippets and Tutorials, Feature Requests and General Discussion for Yii 1.1.x forums (probably a few more!). Please reda and understand the forum rules.