Email Send Receive Module


I have been developing project management tools. When I create a project I am able to add a member in the project. In the comment section of the project, when I make any comment, all members of the project get email. In this circumstance, I want to add functionality that user can reply the comment through email. Then that email will be saved in the comment table and show in the discussion board.

Could you help me someone what is the professional procedure of such things.


you can configure mailserver (i.e. postfix) to forward all incoming emails for some domain to local script through pipe. This script can be a "yiic processMail" which then receives email body on stdin. It is done by defining such target in configuration file and bind delivery for domain with such transport.

However to parse that message (which can be plain text, MIME, multipart, and so on) you have to use some parsing library (there is native PHP module or probably some plain-PHP libraries available).