Email notification and Yii's events trigger in EXTESIONS.....

Dear all,

I am trying to integrate email notification function into an extension called "Comment-module"

In this extension…There is an event raised when a new comment is added.

Here is the codes in its Comment-Module.php


	 * This event is raised after a new comment has been added


	 * @param $comment

	 * @param $model


	public function onNewComment($comment, $model)


		$event = new CommentEvent();

		$event->comment = $comment;

		$event->commentedModel = $model;

		$this->raiseEvent('onNewComment', $event);


Here is the "commentEvent.php"

class CommentEvent extends CEvent



	 * @var Comment the comment related to this event


	public $comment = null;


	 * @var CActiveRecord the commented object if available


	public $commentedModel = null;


I know how to deal with events in Gii-generated models and controllers…But I have no idea about how to do this in an extension…

How can I trigger this event in an extension…?

I tried to add some codes like below in this extension’s Comment Controller—actionAddComment.

(My model is called Questions)

$questions=Questions::model()->findByPk(7); //just a example

$notifier = new Notifier(); //I have a Notifier.php in protected/components to send emails.

$questions->onNewComment = array($notifier,'comment'); 

but not works…shouldn’t i trigger the event here?

I do have the following codes in my Questions model:

 public function behaviors()


        return array(

            'commentable' => array(

                'class' => 'ext.comment-module.behaviors.CommentableBehavior',

                // name of the table created in last step

                'mapTable' => 'questions_comments_nm',

                // name of column to related model id in mapTable

                'mapRelatedColumn' => 'questionsId'



Any ideas…?

Thanks so much…!!!