Email Component In Yii Core

Is there an email component in YII framework core , I am not able to find it in YII core , although the extensions are there , if such crucial components are not in framework core , you will have to rely on contributers , and you never know whether the contributers will keep on maintaining the extension or not , what happens in case of some of the products like drupal there are number of modules but you never know which one will become orphan in future , which makes the framework inconsistant , is there an email component in YII core or I will have to use the extension only

I think you have to rely on the extensions made by the community as of the moment.

Developing a full featured mailing library/component is a huge task and some good ones (like SwiftMailer or Zend\Mail) already exist. Yii core developers probably didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

No, you don’t. You can create your own component that integrates a mailing library of your choice into your application. It only requires a few lines of code and you will have a reusable and fully customizable mailer component.

I was just implying that he does not want to create his own component/extension

I have decided to use smtp-mail extension , there is no harm in using an extension , the only thing I was thinking of was adoption of the frameworks in enterprise , in case of zend framework they have almost every extension in the core itself , when the people responsible to adopt a tool in enterprise know that every ZF component is endorsed by ZEND , they doen’t hesitate to adopt it. in case of YII i find that missing.

Better yet, outsource your mail to a 3rd party i.e. sendGrid or mailGun. Way less code to develop, test, and/or worry about, better deliverability, and super cheap!