Ejwplayer, How To Add Startparam

This is the extension. I would comment there but not allowed.

Here is my code, but I need to add ability to skip threw the video and can’t seem to with this extension. Wondering if anyone has ideas.


//Video Server

&#036;VIDEOSERVERURL = 'htt://someurl=)';

$bad = array("../", " ", "#");

$good = array("", "%20", "%23");

$path = str_replace($bad, $good, $emodel->path);

$this->widget(‘ext.EjwPlayer.EjwPlayer’, array(

'width' =&gt; '854',

'height' =&gt; '480',

'stretching' =&gt; 'uniform',

'title' =&gt; 'My Test Video',

'controls' =&gt; 'true',

'playlist' =&gt; array(


        'image' =&gt; &#036;VIDEOSERVERURL . '/images/test.png',

        'sources' =&gt; array(

            // array('file' =&gt; &#036;this-&gt;siteBaseUrl . &#036;emodel-&gt;videofile-&gt;link, 'height' =&gt; '345'),

            array('file' =&gt; &#036;VIDEOSERVERURL . &#036;path, 'provider' =&gt; 'htt', 'startparam' =&gt; 'start', 'height' =&gt; '480'),


        // array('file' =&gt; 'htt://'),






what I am having issues adding is, no matter where I put it the video does not allow me to skip.

‘provider’ => ‘htt’,

‘startparam’ => ‘start’

here is how it looks and works in regular embed

<script type="text/javascript">


    file: &quot;htt://file.mp4&quot;,

    image: &quot;lol.jpg&quot;,

height: 480,

    width: 854,

skin: &quot;bla.xml&quot;,

allowfullscreen: &quot;true&quot;,		

stretching: &quot;uniform&quot;,	

logo: { file: &quot;watermark.png&quot;, 	hide: &quot;true&quot;, },

provider: &quot;htt&quot;,  




any ideas ?

appreciate any help.