egmap Google Maps Yii not saving data to database

I am using egmaps extensions with Yii application it is a very brilliant application. how ever I am having trouble populating database. my database table hotel has two attributes for long and lat. I am not expert in AJAX but i think that ajax is calling controler method. At present I donot have anything in controler method because I donot know what data will come and how?

my code so far is BUT I THINK THIS AJAX IS NOT CALLING THE CONTROLLER SaveCoordinates action

 $gMap->zoom = 6;

            $mapTypeControlOptions = array(

              'position' => EGMapControlPosition::RIGHT_TOP,



            $gMap->mapTypeId = EGMap::TYPE_ROADMAP;

            $gMap->mapTypeControlOptions = $mapTypeControlOptions;

            // Preparing InfoWindow with information about our marker.

            $info_window_a = new EGMapInfoWindow("<div class='gmaps-label' style='color: #000;'>Hi! I'm your marker!</div>");

            // Setting up an icon for marker.

            $icon = new EGMapMarkerImage("");

            $icon->setSize(32, 37);

            $icon->setAnchor(16, 16.5);

            $icon->setOrigin(0, 0);

            // Saving coordinates after user dragged our marker.

            $dragevent = new EGMapEvent('dragend', 'function (event) { $.ajax({



                                                        data:({lat:, lng: event.latLng.lng()}),


                                                    });}', false, EGMapEvent::TYPE_EVENT_DEFAULT);



            // If we have already created marker - show it

                $marker = new EGMapMarker($model->lat, $model->long, array('title' => Yii::t('catalog', $model->name),

                        'icon'=>$icon, 'draggable'=>true), 'marker', array('dragevent'=>$dragevent));



                $gMap->setCenter($model->lat, $model->long);

                $gMap->zoom = 16;




                // Setting up new event for user click on map, so marker will be created on place and respectful event added.

                $gMap->addEvent(new EGMapEvent('click',

                        'function (event) {var marker = new google.maps.Marker({position: event.latLng, map: '.$gMap->getJsName().

                        ', draggable: true, icon: '.$icon->toJs().'}); '.$gMap->getJsName().

                        '.setCenter(event.latLng); var dragevent = '.$dragevent->toJs('marker').

                        '; $.ajax({'.



                          '"data"<img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />{"lat":, "lng": event.latLng.lng()}),'.


                        '}); }', false, EGMapEvent::TYPE_EVENT_DEFAULT_ONCE));


            $gMap->renderMap(array(), Yii::app()->language);

I think your ajax URL is wrong, what is with ‘/’. $model->id? Shouldn’t be like this?

     '"url":"'.$this->createUrl('hotel/savecoords', array('model'=>$model->id)).'",'.

Also, you do not have a success return function set… have you checked the FIREBUG? does it fires an error? If so, then what?

Thanks for using EGMap :)

if i set sucess function then map does not render.

This map control is lovely I wonder how much time developer has taken to develop this:)

ok how do you check that your ajax is calling in controller?

2.With this map usage it is calling a action in hotel controler. Now what should be written that controller ?

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Hi all. In case if other gets stuck with this problem here is solution

Extension examples did not show the code for controller but i have shown may be if it is correct admins may add it there.But it works like charm in my app

Solved in case other may get stuck I solved it by changing




and URL Line

url:"'.$this->createUrl('hotel/savecoords').'/'.$model->id.'", '


url':'".$this->createUrl('hotel/savecoords', array('id'=>$model->id))."',`

and controller code is

 public function actionSaveCoords($id)



        // Uncomment the following line if AJAX validation is needed


        // $this->performAjaxValidation($model);

            if(isset ($_GET['lat']))

                $model->lat = $_GET['lat'];

            if(isset ($_GET['lat']))

                $model->long = $_GET['lng'];



                    echo 'Thank you for registring your place with '.Yii::app()->name;