Egmap And Yiibooster Conflict

I am trying to use EGMap with Yiibooster as well. Creating a simple map illustrates that there is a conflict between Yiibooster and EGMap (or more likely Google maps). Essentially if I load Yiibooster the scale control and streetview controls are not displayed correctly. Also if you drag the street view icon onto a road the map enters streetview but does not display the pictures, just a plain background. If I repeat without Yiibooster loaded, then all displays and works correctly.

The offending item appears to be bootstrap.css

I load Yiibooster in my main config file using:

// preloading ‘log’ component and Yii booster





// application components


	'bootstrap' => array(

		'class' => 'ext.bootstrap.components.Bootstrap',

		'responsiveCss' => true,


And map is generated in a very simple view:



$gMap = new EGMap();

$gMap->zoom = 10;

$gMap->setCenter(39.721089311812094, 2.91165944519042);



Any help appreciated!

Just done some more testing - the scale controls are not rendered correctly in Firefox, IE, Chrome or Safari, but the streetview IS rendered in all but Firefox!

Versions are:

Firefox 19.0.2

Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m

Safari 5.1.7

IE 9.0.8112

All running on windows 7

Bootstrap.css line 69 img->max-width:100% - this is the problem

Thanks for pointing me in this direction. The problem can be solved by setting the HTML options of the map using


and then everything works in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera.

You gave me great help!!! I want to integrate jquery mega image viewer with yii-booster. It solved my problem.