Eflot Won't Stack

I’m using the EFlot extension , and it works fine, but for the life of me I can’t get the bars to stack.

This is my code:





                'label'=> 'income', 




                'label'=> 'expense', 









                    'backgroundOpacity'=> 0.5




					'timeformat'=> "%b %y"


                 'series' =>array(


				'show'=> 'bars',

				'barWidth'=> 1728000000,










From what I can work out the stack=>true should be in a series array as above. But the bars overlap rather that go stacked on top of each other. Am I understanding what stack does correctly? eg if datapoint1 = 1, and datapoint2 = 2 the graphed using stack should be 3 high? Or what have I missed?

After spending a few hours over this before posting I solved my own problem 5 minutes later. For future reference, in case someone else has the same problem, edit extensions/ EFlot/ EFlotWidget.php

and change

public $scriptFile=array('excanvas.min.js','jquery.flot.js','jquery.flot.pie.js');


public $scriptFile=array('excanvas.min.js','jquery.flot.js','jquery.flot.pie.js','jquery.flot.stack.js');