effects if pdo is disabled?

Hi, I’m new here, and I was quite attracted to yii, unfortunately, the server on the company I’m working on does not have pdo enabled.

So I was wondering if there is a huge consequence to this and if it is manageable or not.

By the way, I’m currently using CodeIgniter, so I was wondering if pdo is disabled, will Yii still be powerful, or would you suggest that I stick with CodeIgniter?

Also, I don’t know sqllite, I only know how to use mysql. Will there be a huge casualty in moving with the current skills I have?


I myself also a newbie too, but I will try to answer anyway

AFAIK without PDO enabled, Yii won’t work. I’ve tried it.

There is no difference in accessing, operating db with sqlite, mysql or other database. The only difference is the settings in configuration file.

If there is no way to activate the PDO I think it would be better to stick to CI currently. But I think you can still learn Yii. I always believe that learning new things will always bring benefit to ourselves.