I’m trying to use EExcelView extension, but I can’t get anything on my excel file. What can be the reason?The excel I use is Excel 2010, but I suppose, it should still be ‘exportType’ => ‘Excel2007’. Where should I put my report.xlsx file and will the file open automatically? The code streams well on screen, but nothing comes to the excel file. Below is my code.

$this->widget(‘ext.EExcelView.EExcelView’, array(

        'dataProvider' => $this->dataprovider,

        'title' => 'Title',

        'grid_mode' => 'export',

        'filename' => 'report.xlsx',

        'exportType' => 'Excel2007',

        'autoWidth' => false,

        'stream' => false,


Ok, now I was able to get this work. I just didn’t realize where it generated the file. It is generated in my applications main folder. Now only remains, that how can I get the file open in browser?

Now I was able to get this work. I got the Excel file to browser, when I changed ‘stream’ => true.