Edusec - College Management System

Now you can find updated edusec demo at edusec demo .Your suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

Get free version of EduSec included limited features for more information, click on

I have seen a demo.It looks like a complete suite for working of any college.I have downloaded source-code from sourceforge link,

I have learned many new things,to make yii application.


Thank you. Our application is working in few colleges. For more information or any help you can join us on forum EduSec forum

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Good work!appreciated!It is fully featured college management system,downloaded link from sourceforge,very good use of yii framework.

Hi Nitin,

Thank you.

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Now,we have also added a parent login.Parent is able to see his child’s details.He is able to see all his progress in college.Login with parent login. password:parent

We are glad to declare that

Our All new Community Edition (Free Version) is Releasing soon :)

Meanwhile,you can check it at

We appreciate your feedback.

How you integrated Moodle with this YII App ?

With LDAP. Moodle & Yii both allow integration with LDAP.

data exchange? used single table?

Yes but to maintain it was difficult so now we are not doing any data exchange. We provide only user authentication.

Right now we are developing our own on line examination system with grade book. So we no need to depend on Moodle.

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Thats good Rudra Softech!!

What are the additional features?

Right now working on on line examination & grade book.

  • Course management

  • Library module is ready

  • New dashboard

  • Attendance integrated with bar code system

Good :) :)

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Very Good application. I have installed it. I’m not able to find any hostel management module that was mentioned as a feature. Is it already existing or stiil under development?

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Hi Raj,

List of free modules in EduSec 2.0.0:

  1. Manage Institute / School / College information

  2. Master Configuration

  3. Employee Information

  4. Student Information

  5. Course Management

  6. User Management

  7. Document Management

  8. Reset users login credentials

  9. Report center

  10. Fees Management

  11. Login History

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Dear Developer,

I install this application but student attendance system is not seen anywhere.

I read 37th answer just above this, You write that there are free modules so I want to ask that whether I have to installed this module on my setup? and if yes how I can upload this? and where I get this modules?

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@ Rraj,

Hi Raj,

In open source we have limited features which are mention in above reply. Attendance module is not included in open source.

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Excellent Application.