editors for the page

Hello Friends.I want to add WYSIWYG editor in my yii page.So can any one tell me how to do that.I have heared about some extensions of editors but dont know how to use them as I am newbie to Yii.So can any one tell me how to use them.

You may look this or to look at other editors like TinyMCE and see how to use them…

[edit]:You may look here

thanks a lot…I got it

I’m personally using CLEditor extension and I must admit that it works GREAT! It took me ONE minute to set it up and it has everything I need. Try it, you should be 100% satisfied!

can you tell me how to setup the CLEditor in yii.I read the documentation but my concept not cleared with that.So it will be my pleasure if you will tell me that.thanks in advance :)

I don;t know if I can help you, because - as I wrote - setting up took me one minute! I just pasted code like this:


                    	$this->widget('application.extensions.cleditor.ECLEditor', array








and I was able to edit contents of my Model’s (table’s) desc_program field. That’s all…