Editable GridView

Hey there!

I am new to Yii, but I love it… Hope you can help me!

I’m willing to create a simple GridView, but it has a special feature -

I want all the fields to be editable, which means instead of just labels as texts,

I want all the texts to be inside text inputs (as values),

and each and every row will have an Edit submit button which will edit it.

How do I combine Yii’s Form Model with GridView?

I know there is an option in the model for multiple rows of fields, but how I combine a GridView with it?

If you can, please make me an example.

Thanks! :rolleyes:

There are already some threads about this in the forum… try to search a bit…

Check these extensions if they suit your need:



And don’t forget to repeat all forum searchs since nothing will be returned on first try.

Google "site:yiiframework.com <topic>" is an alternative.

I think these facts should be pinned.


Tommy do you still have this error…

this happened few times because of corrupted indexes… but now it works for me… I’m getting the results at first search…

Perhaps you’re right, I haven’t checked recently. But I still think plan B (Google) should be exaggerated. The forum search has been problematic for a long time so I don’t rely on it.


So I am not the only one experiencing this: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/23739-forum-search-doesnt-show-results-on-first-try/ :)