Editable Gridview Extension

I’m working on a project and I need advice on which extension can I use to create an editable gridview. My client prefers to use grids since he got used to excel.

[size="2"]I checked x-editable which seems fine but I’m not sure whether I can add/remove records dynamically on the same page by using it.[/size]

[size="2"]Can someone give me advice what to use? [/size]I would appreciate any ideas.

[size="2"]Thanks in advance,[/size]


[font=Arial,]Let me summarize what I have found. It might helpful for someone.[/font][font=Arial,]


[/font]I found the following in the official x-editable documentation:[/font]

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[font=Arial,][size=4]Here is the link for the documentation: x-editable documentation[/size][/font]

[font=Arial,]It shows an example also how to handle such case.[/font]

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I think there are many available extensions for editable grid view.

You can find x-editable extension here:


Since you just started, so it’s better to compare with others, like



I’d probably do a combination approach,

Use editable for existing fields.

For new rows, use a modal window to enter in new data, then onsubmit refresh the grid via ajax and that will bring in the new rows with editable controls.

@Jhonny Gan: Thanks for your reply. I’m about to use x-editable and extend it based on my findings. The JQuery gridview that you refer to is also useful.

@waitforit: This is what I was thinking of. To create a pop-up window in case of new record. I’m just quite surprised that this functionality is not there in such a great extension like x-editable. It may worth to post a query on its github page.

Thanks you both for your constructive replies.


Make an extension :)

I think it would be pretty easy to do, esp. if using bootstrap’s modals since so easy.

Add a ‘create new row’ button/icon in the grid footer, popup modal. On save (passed validation) call the grid update jquery function. If you search the forum I’m pretty sure this has been done and documented already.

I’ll look around for sure.

I’m quit new in Yii and I would like to complete this project in time, but once I get use to it and there’s a need still I’ll definitely fork bootstrap or help the original development.

Thanks for the encouraging words!