Edit css of pages

Hi im new to YII,

I have a question!
Is there a way to edit the css of pages??
Like now im trying to edit the css of the Login page but i cant seem to find anything!! :frowning:
So if anyone has suggestions!!

I also tried this:

And got errors like this.

So please help me understand what im doing wrong and what i can do to fix this!

Thank you!

Howdy, looks like you and your friend are struggling with some school work lol; no worries I can help you guys out.

You’re requiring your CSS file using a Windows back slash. Just change it to a forward slash “/”.

If you’re ever worried about your website being hosted on Linux and Windows servers you can use PHP’s “DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR” constant. This works out what your server is and applies a back or forward slash depending on the outcome.