EDateRangePicker is a very simple widget that encapsulates the amazing Date Range Picker plugin developed by Filament Group.

The plugin worked with jquery.ui.v1.6 and jquery.v1.5.3 so I updated the plugin to work with latests versions of jquery.ui.v1.8 and jquery.v1.6 and also fixed some bugs on its logic to work with Yii.

So, remember that it is a modified version of the plugin and any feedback on its bugs will be highly appreciated.

To download: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/edaterangepicker/

Hey Guys,

first of all. this widget is awesome…

it could save me a lot of trouble for creating menus of user input concerning to date and time.

but I have some problem, when it comes to displaying the menu. the popup menu is always shown to the top (as it appear at the attachment)2228


and some of the menu can not be read.

is there any way, so we can put as default that every time the popup menu appear it would always shown down?

thank you for your kind response.

The problem is the collision detection, when it cannot fit on the bottom it goes to the top but I didn’t check for the collision on top… will work on that and let you know when I update it.

Thank You so much Antonio.

hope to hear good news from you soon ;D

guys, I found another question that I would like to ask.

when I open my webpage using Opera (I also tried using IE) the menu doesn’t work.

I Attach the example below.


Calender blank.jpg

not the entire menu, but just the calender.

is there any rules that set that the extension can only be use in Firefox?

if there are, is there are any method to change it?

thank you so much for your kind response guys.

Have a Nice day.


hi Antonio Ramirez,

its a nice ext…i have a question how can i use this in advanced search form to filter a gridview.is that not possible kindly suggest me someother things i just stuck in filtering with date range for a normal column i searched forum and tried by their post but couldnt get any solution because i am new to yii i couldnt follow their posts.