Personal Finance Manager is a simple application made in PHP (Yii Framework 2.0), in order to study the framework.

While studying the framework, wanted a simple and objective tool for personal financial management. Economizzer is an open source alternative to the current tools available.

It is available in English and Brazilian Portuguese (my native language)


Muito bom hein, parabens

Obrigado! :D

Hello guys,

More information can be found on the project website and on Twitter: or in

If they want to test and learn, go TRY

Thanks to the contributions of colleagues recently been added:

Russian language (soon Spanish)

Social network authentication

And some other features

Pretty good looking application, clean look and very easy to use. Great work!

If you want to ‘complicate’ things a little bit I have an idea for your application :)

Add multiples currencies to the application (USD, CAD, EURO, REAL, etc) to allow the user to add entries in different currencies, then use an free API to make conversions.

For example, I’m Portuguese I use EURO, but imagine that I go on a travel to USA and I want to add the expenses of that travel to the application and they are all in USD. Then in the end of the month if I want to check my balance you use the API to convert all the entries in a single currency and show the final value.

This is just an idea how you can improve it :) Good Job

Thank you my friend!

It is a good innovative feature, I will note in future implementations. :)

At the moment I am focused on finishing the part of goals and complete the basic functionality of financial management.