eCommerce Solutions Website

Hello, we have finished an eCommerce website to provide services like implementing ad-hoc Online Shops, Digital Marketing, Design, VPS Hosting, etc.

The webpage has been implemented with Yii 1.1.3, and it’s in Spanish (sorry):

This is the link:

Automated english translation (link).



very good, but take a look at 404 error


Nice website. I was in google auto translation so pretty unsure I can make an order.

Many Thanks, it had a mistake, right there would have to be a link to Prices.


your runtime folder needs to be writeable B)

and debugging should be turned off ;)

Looks interesting, it looks like you will not be releasing the source-code, right?

Is there a demo installation available?

Is the application for sale, source-code and all? Could you send me a private-message with the details?