Ecommerce Slim

Just started! A bare minimal shopping cart in progress, not capable and not stressing on UI yet.

So far nothing much but -

  1. Install script to

    • to create tables cart, category, product, product_category and product_image only

    • reads XML feed of categories to Category

    • reads XML feed of products to Product, ProductCategory and ProductImage (resizes to Thumb and Large)

  2. HomeController has browse catalog, and view product details

  3. Cart had Add, Increment, Decrement

  4. Payment Options (not tested) :

    • Google Chekout

    • Paypal Direct Pro

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Deepak

Nice, so far.

Will you offer the source code?

If you click on the productlink in the shoppingcart the following error occurs:

HTTP Error: 404

Unable to resolve the request "default/index/cid/29/cnm/29".

Thanks. I have fixed that particular link.

The code is not release ready yet. At some point of time - sure.

Are you in need of a UPS API connectivity?