EClientScript unreproducible error: filemtime(): stat failed for

Dear Experts!

We have a site running Yii framework with EClientScript extension enabled. I’m not an expert in Yii framework, but googling for this extension as well, as looking briefly through its code found, that this is some kind of site CSS + JS minimizer.

I day ago we had an unexpected repetitive error within the error_log file (6630

), and is more important, that the error disappeared by itself (while I was trying to figure out the cause of the problem, errors just gone and everything got back to the normal operations). It took about an hour.

Steps I made during the research:

cleared up /var/www/assets folder and checked it chmod against 0777.

restarted apache server.

Server itself was not restarted, just apache process. However, even after the restart of apache problem still existed and gone, as I said, after an hour.

Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce this now.

Might that someone had something similar, so we would be more than happy for any clues on this matter.

Thanx in advance.