Ecalendarview Issue

Hi, i’ve downloaded and installed this extension, when i tried to use it, i have the same issue that reported in

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in \protected\extensions\ecalendarview\views\month.php on line 66.

I realize that the problem is in 2 view files (month.php, and week.php), both in line 29.

The issue occurs when you have set off "short_open_tag" in php.ini.

In order to resolve this issue the user has to change line 29 of the views above mentioned


<? endfor ?>


<?php endfor ?>

Please report this to the author.

I tried to post a comment with this info in the extension page, but the system do not allow me to put comments (because i’m new in forum)


ps: I’m loving Yii!


thank you for info. It will fixed asap.

ps: I am loving it too.

hi sorry for digging this out,

does someone have a working example on ecalendarview?

could not get it to work using the provided steps

I’m using yii 1.1.15



thanks for feedback. Is there some error? Or do you see only blank screen? May be there is something in /var/log/apache2/error.log so or?