Eav or other approaches?

Hi, I should make a manager for public competitions. I have prepared a model containing detail attribute, which is nothing more than a ckEditor object where they write static part and any attributes (which are not well defined) that will be used in the form proposed to the candidates who intend to participate in the same competition … I was thinking about the EAV concept tell me if I thought correctly? Thanks

Eav is a good model, but It needs great effort in implementation and is slow in execution, a nightmare for statistical data.
If you really need this kind of model then do it, else trying to understand if your SRS can be turn on different specs. I personally think that relation model is more straightforward than EAV because you have more control of you data model and better understanding of your code.
Anyway you could think to nosql db as a light approach.

thanks for the answer @hyde82, I abandon the idea of the EAV method and I think of another solution :wink: