easyPHPThumb image acceptance

I have easyphpthumb installed and working. But, it bombs on some files. At first I thought that it was file size, but in subsequent tests it appears that this is not the case.

The resizing is done in actionCreate and actionUpdate in the Image content type controller. When it works right, after the original file is saved it creates a thumbnail (64x64) and a web display size (532x399) using adaptiveResize. When it doesn’t work, it fails to render the Image view page and shows only an empty white page.

I exported an image in iPhoto (originated in a camera) in all possible formats, sizes and resolutions. Original, current, PNG, and all full sized options are not accepted. All others are accepted. Some of the ones accepted are larger than those that are not accepted.

I tried to open the unaccepted ones in Fireworks, resize them a bit and copy them to a new file. All were not accepted, jpg and png.

I downloaded a few images from Wikipedia. Some were accepted. Some were not. Some were accepted after being opened in Fireworks, slightly resized and then saved in jpg and png.

Does anyone know what’s going one here?



Take a look at the color pattern of the image you are using RGB or CMYK. Images using the standard CMYK colors are not rendered in the browser.