EasyiiCMS - Yii2 simple CMS

Hello everyone. I would like to to introduce to you my Yii2 extension - EasyiiCMS.

It’s not quite CMS (there is no menu management, no control structure of the site, users), rather set of tools for rapid website development and for a simple content management.

All you need is create frontend structure with standtart Yii2 controllers and views.

The project is completely free and open source.

Tasks performed by easyii:

  • The rapid development of a simple website (landing, presentation) using an internal API.

  • Live editable content, so even the most low experienced customer can manage his website.

  • Very simple and pleasant UI of control panel.

The system has two types of users,

  • root (aka developer who has all the rights and sees all the settings),

  • moderators (usually the customer who sees only what he is permitted and nothing more).

A list of predefined modules:

  • Text blocks - the usual chunks of text (without formatting), which is very simple to edit.

  • Pages - formatted text with title (redactor widget integrated).

  • News - the same page, but with image preview, date and views count. You can also view a list of all the news and the latest.

  • Catalog - allows you to create catalogs of goods and services. The fields for each category are generated manually via UI, which allows you to create different products/services with their fields, photos and editable text.

  • Gallery - standard albums with their photos.

  • Guestbook - simple guestbook, with the ability to reply to a message. Leave message form includes reCaptcha.

  • Files - custom file downloads, with the counting of number of downloads. It is also possible to display a list of all files.

  • Carousel - the standard bootstrap widget. The main feature of this module- you can load images and change their order in control panel.

  • Feedback - feedback form. You can respond directly to the email from the control panel.

  • Subscribe - simple form for E-mail subscription. In the control panel you can send messages to your subscriber base.

Almost all of the modules have different settings (which can be edited only by root), such as on / off captcha for feedback form, sizes of icons for photos and other.

How I see the development proccess:


[*]Install EasyiiCMS

[*]Create frontend structure(controllers / views) via GII.

[*]Put EasyiiCMS API into the intended places of your template.

[*]Success. You have live editable website with the simplest admin panel.


Full imformation and examples you can find in following links:

If someone wants to help:

I`m really need in enslish text corrections… Now only google translate helps me ^_^

And feel free to tell any ideas or suggestions.

PS Do not judge hard, this is my first extension :)

Nice job!

New version 0.9 has been released!

Previous version 1.1 has been renamed to 0.8. This is a necessary measure because the version 1.1 was very crude and it wasn’t tested enough.

Bad news are that the version 0.9 differs from 0.8 very much and it brokes a backward compatibility but it’s worth of it.


  • New application example "easyii-shop". It includes examples of all modules.

  • Treeview categories in the catalog, articles and gallery.

  • Shopcart module. Now you can build a simple shop.

  • Filters by additional fields in the catalog.

  • The ease modules extending. Choose an easyii module that is similar to what you need and copy it into the app folder with only 3 clicks.

  • Added tags to news and articles.

  • Integration of a datetimepicker and now the most entities are sorted by date.

  • E-mail alert system (notification of an administrator about a new guestbook/feedback/etc post).

  • Image thumbnails have been reworked and now you can create unlimited number of thumbnails with different sizes from 1 image.

  • Now you can save an entity using a shortcut Ctrl+S.

  • API comments for IDE autocomplete.

  • A lot of fixes and improvements.


  • All ApiClass::all() functions have been renamed to ApiClass::items().

  • Getter of thumbnails has been changed from $apiObj->thumb to $apiObj->thumb($width, $height).

  • The most of ApiClass::get() functions return null instead of a blank object now.

  • You can get an access to an ActiveRecord instance in any API object using a $model property (for example: $news->model->save()).

You can try new version at easyiicms.com

Hi Nuomo,

I’m going to develop a simple cms-based website and I think I’ll choose EasyiiCMS.

I have a question: I need to implement a simple module for my customer, basically a crud interface on a custom table. How can I integrate this module into the EasyiiCMS backend? Is there any tutorial?


Hi! I’m getting blank page when I try to install easyii-shop

I folowed installation steps at http://easyiicms.com/docs/install


torejx, Sorry for long response (no email notifications on this forum).

  1. Go to Modules, choose text module and copy it.

  2. Using gii generate crud into the app\modules\YOUR_MODULE\controllers

  3. Extend generated controller class from yii\easyii\components\Controller (to make controller only for admins)

First extension? I looks wonderful! You should consider posting this on Yii Powered Application subform and also open a forum in your page for people who are using your CMS, it will grow your community! Also, is a chance to write a forum module! ;)


Hi Noumo,

Is there a reason all php files (controller, assets, etc.) are under the webroot directory?

If I want to install Easyii on an existing Yii2 project, how can I do? I’ve installed the dependency with composer, but now I’m stuck :(



Easyii created for developing easy websites, which you can install on cheapest shared hosting where you cannot sets the webroot folder. Try to integrate easyii into yii2 advanced template in future plans.


Hi Nuomo,

how can I reset/change root password?

Hi mate,

Did you get my email about retrofitting your CMS?



Hi - If this framework is no longer being developed, let me know.

Thanks heaps,


noumo, I am willing to translate your extension in Romanian language. Interested?

Hi thanks for your work, I like this extension very much after testing it, the Redactor widget plugin is very convenient to edit text, but now I found the License for Redactor could be a problem, in Redactor website, they said a professional License couldn’t be used in any open-source software(link: imperavi.com/redactor/license/), so if we want to use this plugin, should we buy our own redactor License in production site?

Is there a simple “getting started” guide somewhere? I’m trying to use this, but have no idea have to do something simple like adding a page using the Page object.

Waste of time for those of us without a solid background in Yii2.

Non standard folder arrangement, broken links for installation, no serious guide to getting started.

Looks so good! But is it going to suck my life away? I think so, so I must carry on with something else.

Maybe I can cannibalize it later.

But one thing was not true for me: rapid.

This needs to be updated for compatibility with the basic or advance template.

Or at least some notes about how to adapt it.

I agree, the shift of the folders slows development for those of us more used to a general structure. But it is a very good system. Leaves us scratching our heads where everything has gone.

I’m currently working on a modification of Easyii to make it easier to deploy and I personally like how nice and simple everything is. (Easyii-Plus)

Hi everyone,

Ok, finally did a commercial launch of easyii-plus for a client http://www.ers-my.com

Here my feeling:

  1. Slight performance hit compared to going from the advance template

  2. The modified folder structure is such a pain! I tried moving the easyii folder to modules/easyii instead of in vendor but it kept breaking.

  3. It does come with a lot of nice features thrown in for a simple modular framework. Client wanted files add. Wah lah! files module. Compared with wordpress I find it easy to work the backend. Speed is the key!

  4. I’ve juiced the backend with gzip and deflate, switched to CDN’s for the core libraries, in order to increase the speed.

  5. Includes a menu creator at the backend.