Earliest possible release date for Yii 2.0

Hi there,

A question to a dev team.

Official information on download page remain unchanged for months:

What are chances that this date (December this year) will be the time first release of Yii 2.0 will actually be published? Or with slight delay?

I’m asking because I’m about to start a new project within next 3-4 months and it since it will be written completely from scratch, it would be a wise idea to start coding it in Yii 2.0, if it would be available by that time.

But, if you still have so much coding work that release of Yii 2.0 could be delayed next three or more months, that it would be better to start my project in Yii 1.1 and then port it to Yii 2.0, after official release of it.



Do not wait for 2.0. Even if we release the alpha version in time, there may still be a long time to go before it reaches the first stable release (e.g. mid next year or even later).

Is Yii 2.0 the reason for the slow-down in Yii 1.1.x?


To some degree, yes. Do you have critical things we’re not fixing for too long in mind?

Well, no. At least not so critical that I couldn’t work around them. But I am closely watching the yii updates and couldn’t help but notice that there are now often days between commits. Maybe you should communicate more openly that there are more things happening?

Can we have a bit update about the development? Will an alpha release happen in December?

Is december still actualy for alpha release?

I can think of something that’s critical in web 2.0 application development, CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton does cannot fire validation on submit!

On 26th November, mdomba said that only the base classes were written, so I think that it’s not impossible but difficult to see something by the end of December…

Please, update! Tell us something! Is Yii 2.0 nearer than the new year?

No, it’s not.

People will continue pestering you until you be more specific. It’s human nature.

I wish they would understand that it’s ready when it’s ready…

But they won’t.

My guess: 6 months until we can expect an early preview?

Placing €5.00 on “When it’s done™”

So true, so true…anticipating and exciting release reminds me of my kids waiting to go to on holiday. My wife and I once announced our holiday plans to our kids way too early.

So my fellow Yii Developers…Please consider the process. Even when the alpha is released, it will not be ready yet. And people will still want immediate bug fixing.

I have learned to be patient.