Hello everyone,

this is our E-Commerce, totally built using Yii Framework. (not open-source).

URL: http://www.ledsignsdepot.net/index.htm

1-shopping cart

an easy shopping cart, checkout feature. admin panel for order managments. email notifications when a new order or a new payment is submited.



it support payments via PayPal-IPN mechanism.

3-automatic FAQ and Testimonial

4-user pages created -on the fly- using online admin setup.

5-scheduled profiles (programmable look & feel)

this feature can offer an administrator to change the entire website look & feel when a time range is on. profiles can be executed automatically

in date ranges. when a profile plays, it display user pages, different web components (top bar, menu, headers etc), promotional banners, etc.


6-admin control panel[/b]

administrator can manage: orders, payments, order items. catalog {categories, models, product}, profiles (programmable look & feel).

7-ip monitor and blacklist

8-web interface 100% css/html customizable

this e-commerce is build thinking in themes and css, in a modular fashion. each web component is a separated web component, that can be inserted into website.

css is the main theme component, with css you can customize your own look & feel. It has a high-organizated css layout that helps you to customize the look & feel.

via admin/profiles you can customize the main web html content of your theme, and your theme can organize the different web elements in a desired css layout.

Tried viewing on my iPhone and crashed safari … Not sure why … Will check later from my laptop.

You mentioned that you might opensource later. Is this for a client? Would you consider open sourcing sooner?

Hi !,

this release is not fully tested on every device, but it was build with that in mind. A sooner open-sourcing is in mind too, but for now, and for personal economical reasons we decide to sell it first, then when it comes a more mature "product", then we use this business experience to open source it using best capabilities.


about safary crash. what mobile model do you have tested it ? as soon as posible we will publish it in google projects.

I’m on iPhone 4s with the latest update.

Safari crashed but the loaded ok after that. Still not sure why …

Looking forward to see your code and yes I can understand te economics problem of making money :)

Have you put it on open source yet?.

hi, not yet. our plan is to monetize a first step. then, when product becomes more "stable" a refactory will be made on it and then opensource it. for now is not an open source

congrats ,look forward to seeing that :lol:

I think you business idea is wrong, because you are trying to sell product that is not stable yet. I think open source community can help you to make your product stable, and then latter when you have stable, tested and well know product, you can offer some commercial features and earn on them. Just my five cents.

in small e-commerce stores, small solutions like this one can help many people without waiting for the flag: "ready for big production", so many business owners dont like zencart and other e-commerce and stable products because they overflow they own needs.

Yes your point is correct (but i think) is better placed talking in terms of big solutions, in small solutions many features are very basic: selecting a product, add to cart and checkout, this is the goal of this small solution and this are too the minimal need of small business owners, this is my goal for now.

in a future (not so long), i think to open it, as a micro-ecommerce solutions, oriented to very small business.

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