E-Commerce App

I rewrite this E-comerce application from Java to PHP using Yii Framework. The previous version was developed 6 years ago and needed a refresher. The project was scheduled for 6 months and ended in one thanks to this framework. I take more deciding which PHP framework to use than developing the application. I want to thanks all Yii Team and the whole Yii community.

Excuse me for my English



WOW. Very nice job dude! Can you share the code just for learning?

This a great job. Keep up.

great job :lol:

Whaw… Good job :D , congrat…

Excellent job. :)

Nice job.

I like the "Add to Cart" feature.

Look great! Why you don’t want to add this project to github?

from Six months down to one…


One month project time is quite amazing. Congratulations!

Wow man, great job!

This App is made wrong. It have SQL injection vulnerability: