E-Commerce App Written Entirely In Yii

Hello all,

We’ve created a nice e-commerce application which is in use here: waggle.com.au

It has been created entirely in Yii over several months and it’s still developed with new features. Recently we’ve added functional tests using Codeception (codeception.com) and moved unit tests to Codeception too.

We’re happy to say that Yii is the best framework for developing modern applications, including e-commerce software. Our team is focused on creating most of the apps using Yii Framework and we’ve never been disappointed with it.

Bartosz Wójcik,


That is a nice app. How long did it took you to finish the app? I was also wondering what other tools did you use.

It took around 4 months for the initial functional version to be created (so it could be used by real users) by a single developer. From that moment (it was about 2 years ago) there were many changes and new functions added so what you see now is a bit different from what it was originally.

Most of the code was created for this particular project, and some additional extensions were used, like: S3 for keeping assets on AWS S3 servers, yii-mail, fancybox, print. Most of them were customized as well, to fit the specific needs of the project.

I’ve also done some integrations with 3-rd party tools, like mailchimp, paypal or eway.

Very nice web.

I noticed that the home page has a footprint of 1,8 Mb.

Maybe something to look into?

Did you use any e-commerce extensions in this website? Or just created from scratch?

Yes indeed. We recently analyzed this issue with the client and made as much improvements as we could without limiting the current UI and any of the functionalities. We compressed images better and compressed most of the JS and CSS scripts (they are held on S3 server so we had to do it manually instead of just enabling gzip).

It has been created entirely from scratch.

Good one !

Can i have access to the source code of this app

congrats ! nice one


Nice work. Can you share youre code please?

Or how much will cost to create an new ecommerce with cms, admin, seo, filters, invoice… All for an full ecommerce.


Good Work.Nice to hear you that you are used yii. I have a plan to create an eCommerce website from scratch.

One questions Did you integrate any coupons,discounts for promotions in this site?