Dynamically Added/removed Rows In Form

Does anybody have in-depth example or guide on BatchCreate with FUNCTIONING AJax Validation?

I want to work on BatchCreate with some fields comprising a row that is dynamically added/removed through corresponding add/remove button. I’ve checked on the guide on batchUpdate and tried to start from there but I have issues on


[*]Ajax Validation coz errors won’t show on the dynamically added rows.

[*]And, how do I make the dynamically added rows Persist when validation fails. I mean, Post Back thing.


you will get the structure and idea from yii user module . download it and check the codes

yii user



Thanks for your reply sir. But which specific part of this extension are you referring to?

I’ve scanned first to the demos and downloaded the extension to incorporate it, but I can’t seem to locate that which you are referring to.

profilefield creation

Good day, Sir.

I was working on a different project of higher priority so I haven’t posted any reply until now. I apologize for whatever it’s worth. I hope you’ll still have time to entertain this one.

So now, I’ve successfully installed the user-rights modules that you’ve recommended following all the instructions and issue fixes in the comment sections.

I’ve realized that the profilefield creation doesn’t exactly answer my question. But on a brighter note, WOW! I’ve learned a lot of techniques just by going through the source code.

To give a little detail of what I’m actually up to, I’ve done something like THIS ONE.

I’ve implemented it just fine, except that the model-based validation won’t reflect on the page even if I have incorporated corresponding lines like this:

<?php echo $form->error($model,'attributename'); ?>

As much as I can, I’d like to avoid client-side validation through JavaScript.

What can you recommend, Sir? ???