Dynamic URL

Hi all,

I am new to Yii, I am looking to develop a small application on Yii.

My application needs to read data from the URL.

EX: myapplication.com/john2ws

Above here shows sample application and followed by the one of the user in the application.

Here i should able to get the user name from the URL and display the user content.Is there any api kind of thing so that i can get it from the URL.


EX: myapplication.com/john2ws/posts

Now here i should show see the posts by john2ws and the URL will be extended with some other parameters like pagination limits etc.

Could any one help me on this, how to generate the dynamic URL and the files structure in application.

Thanks in advance,


Readthis section of the guide and make some experiment, if you need further assistance ask, someone will answer!

I use


to get the content of my address bar and manipulate it from there.

I think you might want to consider playing with the rules under urlManager to achieve this (check this out).