Dynamic Submodules

Hi all, I’ve an application that manages hospital departments, I would like to create a hierarchy of modules, the main module and then auto-generated modules N if necessary, eg. if I have two modules do I create a third, enough for me set its properties in the configuration file in the array “modules”. Is this possible or I’m rambling?





$params=>['name'=>'A', 'customer_table'=>'tbl_cust', etc...],

'module'=>'mainModule' //parent module of this module



$params=>['name'=>'B', 'customer_table'=>'tbl_cust', etc...],

'module'=>'mainModule' //parent module of this module



thanks :)

Nest them. I cannot find a section in Guide but I read it sometimes back on modules

Here is how you access them: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc-2.0/yii-base-module.html#$modules-detail

thanks @stefano is the guide I was looking for!