Dynamic subdomain creation

I need to dynamically create subdomains, i.e. http://company.website.com

So, in order to achieve this I’ve added a DNS wildcard (*.website.com). Now the problem is that my application controllers are all the same for www.website.com and for company.website.com. For example, I have a User controller with Register action (user/register). Now if I go to www.website.com/user/register I can register, but I can do exactly the same thing if I go to company.website.com/user/register. And this behaviour is the same for all my controllers.

I realize everything is working correctly, but how do I separate controllers (or something like that) for www.website.com and for company.website.com? I don’t want users to access register/login/other_controllers_and_actions from the subdomian url.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

you need to create sub domains at your web hosting.

  1. delete *.website.com

  2. at your hosting in directory sub (or any other which is used for subdomains) create directory "company"


/var/www/website.com/web/ … is www.website.com

/var/www/website.com/sub/company … is company.website.com

you need to create two separate applications.


or you can redirect everything to index.php and specify rules by parsing url.

You can put full host info into the url rules:

'http://company.example.com/test' => 'site/test',

This works good, but is not very dynamic. You may create a special method/component if you need more advanced url handling. Check link in my signature about i18n. So you can get an idea of how you can archive it.

I need subdomains to be dynamically created for every registered company (there will be more than 1000 companies) and this has to be one application (pretty much like tumblr.com works - subdomains for every user). So, there is no way I can create virtual hosts for each of them :)

@Y!!, thanks for your suggestion, that’s exactly how I’m tring to do (Parameterizing Hostnames). Everything works fine in my application, besides that some controllers+actions have to be accessed only from a subdomain (i.e. company.website.com/clients - ClientsController) and others have to be accessed only from the main website (i.e. www.website.com/user/register).

Ok, I’ve spent some time and came up with a very ugly (at least it seems to me so) solution.

  1. I’ve created a new CApplicationComponent class (UrlAccess)

  2. Added to my config file:

'preload'=>array('log', 'urlAccess')

and in the "components" section:




Now, when the application loads it first checks my new class (UrlAccess). And this what I have in the UrlAccess:

    class UrlAccess extends CApplicationComponent {

        public function init() {

            // controllers allowed to be accessed from subdomains

            $subdomainAllowed = array('manage', 'clients', 'etc.');

            // controllers allowed to be accessed from the main domain

            $domainAllowed = array('user', 'site', 'etc.');

            // check if the path has "controller/action" pattern and assign the first element to $controller

            // i.e. company.website.com/clients/new

            if(strpos(request()->pathInfo, '/')) {

                $pathInfo = explode('/', request()->pathInfo);

                $controller = $pathInfo[0];


            // if the path has only controller and no action specified (i.e. company.website.com/clients)

            else {

                $controller = request()->pathInfo;



            $urlExplode = explode('.', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);

            // check if this is a subdomain

            if(count($urlExplode) > 2 && $urlExplode[0] !== 'www') {

                // check if the controller specified in the path is allowed to be accessed from subdomain

                if(in_array(strtolower($controller), $subdomainAllowed)) {

                    return true;


                else {

                    throw new CHttpException('404', 'Page not found');




            // etc.




        // etc.


This is obviously not the whole thing, just to give you a basic idea how it works now. Now if the user goes to:

  1. company.website.com/user/login - he gets 404 error

  2. www.website.com/user/login - he gets login form

  3. company.website.com/manage (or manage/clients) - controller/action fires as it supposed to.

So, everything now works as expected. The only problem is I don’t like this solution. Is there any better approach (“Yii way”)? :)

I’m just learning, so any hints and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Ok, seems like nobody has a better solution? =)

Better and truly dynamic solution for subdomains would be configuring BIND to resolve wildcard DNS.

More on this topic can be found here: debian-administration.org/articles/358

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I presume you are using LAMP, otherwise I dunno :)

I have url like example.com/site/blog and i want blog.example.com.

So what should i do here… Please suggest me any…