Dynamic model attributes

In one of my models, I have added some public member variables that I then assign different values to based on calculations involving some of the values from the database columns.

I am able to access the value of these new variables in the model, but one thing is not working as I’d expected.

Most of the data I am working with are integers. In this same model, I created an afterFind() method that loops through the model’s attributes[] array and applies PHP’s number_format() function to each of the integer values it retrieves from MySQL.

The problem is that the public member variable I added does not receive formatting, because it does not appear in the model’s attributes[] array.

Is there some easier way to achieve what I’m trying to accomplish? I basically need to apply simple mathematical operations to the integer values from the database and assign them to the model’s member variables, which I can then access from the view. I am trying to avoid putting extra logic in my view files as much as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Did you create a getAttribute() method for the dynamic attributes? (replacing ‘Attribute’ with the attribute’s name)

Not sure if that’s what’s needed, but worth a shot.

Instead of using afterFind you may consider writing get methods.

For instance:

public function getSomeAttributeFormatted() {

return $this->format($this->someAttribute);


echo $model->someAttributeFormatted;

//OR you might consider

public function formatted($attribute) {

return $this->format($this->$attribute);


echo $model->formatted('someAttribute');

I did try that. It didn’t cause the new attribute to be in the attributes[] array, but it does return the value I needed. So that works for me.

Thank you!

Oh yeah, that is much better. Thanks, Jonah!