Dynamic generated ajaxLink doesn't work

I've an action called during ajax callback, which uses renderPartial()

View from renderPartial looks as follow:

As you can see, it generated an ajaxLink, which should remove player and update a dt tag using id. I don't know why (I guess JS from dynamicly created ajaxLink is not registered) when I'm clicking link generated by ajaxLink it doesn't do callback. Any idea why?

This is also related to this bug, but there’s no solution yet, as far as i know: http://code.google.c…s/detail?id=38.

As a workaround you can try to avoid replacing the ajaxButton with an Ajax response.

If you write your own jquery/ajax code you can get it to work.  I believe this is better anyways

This is really strange, because, I’ve seen asmselectex extension, which does the same and works!

Btw, I remember that in PRADO we have really similar problem. When controls were created dynamic, there was really a headache to bind to the working ajax code.

I did a small investigation and I think I found some useful information which can help us. I’ve added them as a comment to ticket #38