Dynamic Drop Down Functionalities That Displays Input Fields

Hi everyone I’m quite new to yii - I would need step by step assistance on this - hope you do understand- I have read around in my search for a simple dynamic dropdown list solution for a yii from : I learnt a lot but my scenario is quite unique

here is what I want to do

  1. Firstly I need to create a dropdown list for

Payment method

to lists payment methods


Bank Deposit


Wire Transfer

2.Secondly Depending on the selected payment method the form needs to update and display appropriate input fields


if a Bank Deposit payment option has been selected form should update and display input fields for

bank name, branch code, account name etc

If Paypal is chosen as preferred method of payment the form should update and simply display

a single input field for paypal id (email address)

I know how to do this in hard coding javascript and working with arrays or doing it using PHP AND aJAX

Its my first week on yii

I need help on how to get such done in Yii : thanking you in advance!

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